Edward Hartwig featuring Henryk Berlewi in Warsaw

Moonblinx Gallery works by Edward Hartwig featuring Henryk Berlewi now on show in Warsaw.

Copyright: Fontarte


Artists: Yomar Augusto, Henryk Berlewi, Edward Hartwig, Fontarte, Polex-Expol, Zuo Corp.

Curated by: Agnieszka Pindera, Michał Woliński

27 September–12 November 2011

24 September, 5–10 pm

The opening at the Piktogram/Bla is a part of:
Where is Art? 17 openings in 2 days. Warsaw, September 23–24, 2011

ul. Mińska 25/ Soho Factory
03-808 Warszawa

Berlegustopol is a temporary company established by the participants of the exhibition. Due to the fact of its creation Piktogram/BLA gallery space will be transformed into a special type of exchange zone, “service-and-trade enterprise”. Explosion of private entrepreneurship that took place immediately after central planning-socialism was deposed in Poland after 1989 resulted in record-breaking increase in the number of new private companies. As much as 600,000 of such private businesses came into existence solely during 1990–1991 period! The whole phenomenon has been accompanied by spontaneous outbursts of creativity: in word generation (names), graphic design (logos), advertisement etc. The title of the exhibition has been influenced by the procedure of company name-creation that utilized agglutinated pieces of names of the co-founders of private companies. Another popular method of name-creation based on adding “-ex” or “-pol” suffixes to fragmented names of business partners, or to words connected to a particular profession. Thus, new words, extraordinary linguistic conglomerates and phonetic units originated. In the title of the exhibition, name fragments of two artists, Henryk Berlewi and Yomar Augusto, have been blended into a whole. Both of them dabbled with the advertising industry. Henryk Berlewi, artist of the first avant-garde, established Reklama-Mechano advertising agency in 1924, that—among its rare realizations—worked on the legendary Plutos chocolate folder. In his theory of “Mechano-facture”, Berlewi wrote: “As regards the creation of new schematic facture-based system, such handicrafted technique [as painting] becomes powerless. And, in a given case, only mechanistic technique based on industrial technical means is able to relieve us in this task … technique dependent upon rigorous and precise function of the machine.” Stressing this modern approach to art-making practice, Berlewi’s first solo exhibition was organized in Austro-Daimler automobile demonstration space in 1924.


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